Thoughts in passing

by Marshall C. Whitfield (1935-201?)

Note: This site is primarily intended for my daughter, Pamela Whitfield,
my grandchildren, Alexis and Marshall Pickering,
and my stepson, Robert Henry


Regrets? Of course

It took four marriages to finally domesticate me. Three fine ladies -- Barbara Goode, Patti Jones, and Karen House -- tried their best, but I was trouble on the hoof.

While it was never my goal to live a priest's life, I certainly had no intention of being such a wrecking ball. Three divorces!

I recognize that my satisfactions described above offer little comfort to my ex-wives. So let me explicitly give them the respect they deserve: All three were wonderful wives, and we had good, loving times together. Barbara and I had two terrific daughters, and Patti brought me the unexpected joy of a stepson.

In each divorce, I was the problem. And I deeply regret the damage caused by my reckless ways.

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